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Beer making at home is easy, fun and can save you loads of money! Beer kits have improved immensely over the years and with the high quality home brew kits now available you can produce excellent beer for a fraction of the cost. For those that want to take home brewing a step further, all grain brewing (or full mash brewing) will produce beers as good as (and often better than) anything you can buy. Whatever your interest and experience, we have everything you need to brew your own beer.

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  1. Aurora Hops

    Aurora Hops

    Aurora hops have an aroma which derives from its lovely balance of essential oils, including farnesene. This dual-purpose variety is great for bittering and aroma and can be used in all ales (and judiciously in some lagers). Descriptions and reviews of most beers employing Aurora hops describe them as pleasantly hoppy and velvety smooth.


    A/A 7.49%

    Country of Origin: Slovenia

    2015 Crop

    Type: Dual Purpose Hop

    Brupaks Silver Foil Hops are from recent harvests and are supplied in high quality vacuum packaging to ensure the maximum level of freshness possible.  The Brupaks name is well respected in homebrew circles so you can be certain that you are getting a high quality product.

    Need a bigger pack size?  Please contact us to enquire about prices and availability.

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