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Sugars and Sugar Replacements

The addition of sugar to your beer is to allow the yeast to feed, ferment out and create the alcohol content of your beer. You can use normal household sugar for this stage but the use of Glucose is recommended as, due to its powdered structure, it is easier for the yeast to break down and give off better results.

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  1. Dextrose Brewing Sugar

    Dextrose Brewing Sugar

    Dissolves easier, ferments better and gives more body than sugar. 1kg Learn More
  2. Lactose - 500g

    Lactose - 500grm

    Non fermentable milk sugar - for sweet stouts etc. Comes in 500grm packs, use as per recipe guide.

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  3. Carbonation Drops

    Carbonation Drops

    Carbonation Drops are a convenient, no mess, no fuss alternative to priming sugar. Many brewers find the bottling process to be mundane and tedious.

    Carbonation Drops designed to replace priming sugar, dissolve quickly without the need for inverting or shaking the bottle. 

    Each drop has the ability to fully carbonate one 12-oz bottle, with two drops fully carbonating a 22-oz bottle.

    Each package contains 60 drops, enough to bottle 6 gallons of beer.

    Coopers Carbonation Drops contain no addatives, preservatives, fillers or binders.

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  4. Belgian Candy Sugar

    Belgian Candy Sugar

    A characteristic of many Belgian beers is that they are very high in alcohol but are not heavy, either in body or flavour. This is achieved by adding quite large quantities of candy sugars. 500g

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  5. Beerkit Enhancer

    Beerkit Enhancer

    This beer kit enhancer contains a mixture of spray dried dextrose and spray malt. This gets your fermentation off to a quick start and improves head formation.


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