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Beers of the World Belgian Witbier Beer Kit (10 litres)

Quick Overview

Witbiers are very light in both body and flavour and are very refreshing. This version has both of these qualities and the characteristic Witbier taste due to the inclusion of coriander seeds and genuine Curacao orange peel.

Best bottled but can be served from a keg if preferred.

10 litre all extract Belgian Witbier beer kit - no sugar required.

These beer kits can be used as refills for the Brupaks Brubox.

Please note these are 10 litre kits and it is not recommended to brew these in 23 litre buckets/starter kits.

Kit contents:

- 1.5kg Malt Extract

- Yeast sachet

- Hop Pellets BoilBag

- Grain BoilBag

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