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Geordie Yorkshire Bitter Beer Kit

Quick Overview

Geordie Yorkshire Bitter is light in colour and has the slightly sweet taste of the best traditional Yorkshire beers. Made from natural ingredients - malt, hops and barley - it has a creamy head and a full body.

Kit Contents:

- 1.5kg Malt Extract
- Yeast sachet

Requires 1kg Glucose. Approximate ABV: 4 - 4.6%

Makes 40 pints.

Click here for printable instruction sheets.

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All standard beer kits need the addition of sugar. In fermentation, it is always best to use Glucose over household sugar as this dissolves easier than household sugar and gives the beer more body. For even better results replace the sugar with one of the following:

  • Dried Spraymalt: Improves the quality of any beer kit when used in place of sugar. It will brew beers with more richness, body and improved head formation and retention.
  • Beer Enhancer: A blend of Spraymalt and Glucose. Encourages rapid start to fermentation and will improve head formation and head retention, overall flavour and increase the body of the beer.
  • Liquid Malt Extract: High concentrate of malt and sugar to give the best in body, richness and flavour.
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