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Carbon / Charcoal and Finings

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  1. Still Spirits Turbo Clear Finings

    Still Spirits Turbo Clear Finings

    Turbo Clear should always be used to clear your wash before distillation. Suitable for spirits and liqueurs, wines and beers. Within 24 hours of use, 95% of yeast cells, solids and other unwanted by-products are removed from your wash. Sufficient to treat 25 litres of wash or wine. Learn More
  2. Still Spirits Turbo Carbon

    Still Spirits Turbo Carbon

    Turbo Carbon is specifically designed for use during fermentation. The unique activate internal pore structure removes impurities not taken out by post distillation filtration. It is essential for use with Triple Distilled Turbo yeast and will significantly improve all Turbo Yeasts.

    Continue to filter after distillation choosing from the range of Still Spirits activated carbon filter products.

    Always use Turbo Clear after fermentation to remove solids before distillation. If Turbo Clear is not used, the impurities trapped by Turbo Carbon will be released during the boil.

    Before opening, massage the sachet to ensure it is lump free.
    Add immediately after adding your choice of Turbo Yeast.
    Stir well to disperse.
    Tip: Use a steriliser cleaner solution to clean carbon residue from your fermenter after use.

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  3. Activated Carbon - Liquid

    Activated Carbon - Liquid

    Please be aware that to ensure fresh stock we supply this product to order. Orders containing this product will usually be delivered in 4 - 8 days.

    Use activated carbon for best result before mixing with essences.

    Two sizes available.

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  4. EZ Filter - Replacement Cartridge

    EZ Filter - Replacement Cartridge

    The Filter Carbon Cartridge is used in the Inline Filter and the EZ Filter.

    Alcohol should be diluted to below 50% ABV as the carbon does not work as effectively if its above this.

    Each cartridge will do at least 20 litres of diluted alcohol and should be activated before use by running it under hot water for several minutes (or can be left in water for a few hours).

    The idea behind this is to remove any air trapped in the carbon which prevents effective treatment. Once used they should be thrown away.

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  5. Pure Activated Carbon - Granular

    Pure Karbon (Carbon - Granular) 1kg

    Alcotec Pure Karbon is a mineral-based activated carbon with a particle size 0.4 - 1.7 mm. It is manufactured with a special process for low dust and extreme adsorption properties with all liquids. 


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  6. Alcotec Activated Carbon

    Alcotec Spirit Karbon (Carbon) 1kg

    Alcotec Spirit Carbon is a mineral based activated carbon with particle size 0.4 - 0.85mm. It is manufactured with a special process for low dust and extreme adsorption properties with all liquids. 

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  7. Air Still Carbon Cartridges (Pack of 10s)

    Air Still Carbon Cartridges (Pack of 10s)

    For use with the new Air Still two part collector system. It screws into the filter. This should be changed each time a batch of alcohol or water is put through the still.

    It's best to activate the cartridge by running hot water over it for 45 seconds immediately before use (or better still, soak it in a cup of hot water for 20 minutes).

    These activated carbons are designed to absorb any unwanted by-products from your spirit, ensuring your alcohol will taste as fresh and clean as possible. Pack contains 10 cartridges.

    Each cartridge is suitable to filter up to 1125ml of distilled spirit or grain alcohol. Change after each use.

    Don't worry if it takes ages to run through. The longer it takes (6 hours is average), the cleaner the finished spirit will be.

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