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All Grain Beer Starter Kit

Quick Overview

The All Grain Beer Starter Kit is a complete set containing all the equipment you need to get started with all grain brewing. 

Includes all fittings and tubing so you will be ready to begin as soon as you have your ingredients.

Suitable for 5 gallon brews.

Please allow 8 to 10 days for delivery on this product as the mash tun and wort chiller components are made to order.

The contents of this set can be modified to suit your needs.  Please get in touch via email or on 01325 380780 to discuss your requirements.
Please note that 2 x 2m lengths of tubing are supplied for use with the wort chiller. If you feel this is insufficient for the distance from your water supply and drainage, please let us know and we can add longer lengths.  For pricing, please click here.

For ingredients, please see our extensive selection of grains and hops.

For mashkits, please click here.

For brewing books, please click here.

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Electrim Boiler (upgrade to Brupaks Boiler available);
1m PVC tubing to connect to boiler tap;
Insulated Mash Tun (sparge arm with tubing and connector option available);
Immersion Wort Chiller;
2m 12mm tubing to connect to chiller;
2m 8mm tubing to connect to chiller;
Spirit Thermometer;
30 litre Fermentation Bucket with tap;
Plastic Trial Jar;
100g Steriliser;
Equipment Instructions;
£5 voucher towards your next purchase.

Please note that the tap sizes of the Electrim and Brupaks boilers are not the same.  If a sparge arm upgrade is selected, the tubing and connector will be supplied to fit the boiler chosen.

Please note that 30 litre bucket designs may vary.  If the bucket supplied has a hole and grommet in the lid, we will supply an airlock to fit. 


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