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Summertime homebrew ideas

Summer may not appear to be here yet (at least, not here up north), but there's nothing wrong with being prepared!  Barbecues, relaxing in the sun, a glass of wine on a warm summer's evening...aahhh!  So here are a few homebrew ideas to accompany your daydreaming:


Cider - There is now a wide range of high quality cider kits available, including Bulldog Ciders and the recently added Festival Ciders.  With a range of flavours from 'strawberry and lime' to 'oaked apple' or just 'cider', there is something to suit everyone's taste.  are now well established within the range of cider kits available, using high quality juice (no sugar required) to produce excellent results.  And if you have not brewed cider before, our cider starter kits have everything you need to get under way.

Beer - if it's a 'summery' brew you're after, try typing 'summer' or 'golden' into the search bar on our website.  If you're an experienced brewer, why not customise your next brew for the summer season by dry hopping with Better Brew Finishing Hop Pellets?


Wine - there's something out there to suit every taste and budget.  How about a quality wine from the new Atmosphere range? Or perhaps something fruity from the new Cellar 7s? And, of course, all the seven day wine kits are ready for drinking in only one week - perfect for those upcoming barbecues! 

Spirits - Still Spirits flavours allow you to make your favourite long and short tipples at a fraction of the cost. The huge range of flavours includes gins, rums and so many more. If a jug of Pimm's is your idea of a perfect summer's afternoon, why not try Summer Cup No. 1 - just add vodka, mix with lemonade or ginger ale and serve with a slice of lemon. 

For something a little different, how about Ginger Beer On Ice?  Coopers Ginger Beer can be brewed as a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage or can be made in its alcoholic form by adding 1kg brewing sugar.

Alternatively, why not choose from the list below for more fantastic summer ideas:

Lager kits – Nice, light and refreshing for the warm summer days
Gin – Gin and tonic for the sophisticated among us
Beers of the World- Smaller quantity, brew and dispense from the same box. Ideal for socialising
7 Day Wine Kits – Ready to drink within a week, perfect for upcoming barbecues.  Choose from Solomon Grundy, Cellar 7, Australian Blend and Cantina


Summertime Homebrew Ideas

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