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Bottling Wine

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  1. Bordeaux Shrink Cap

    Shrink Caps

    Gives that finishing touch to bottled wine. Very easy to use. Steam on using a kettle.

    Place the capsule over the top of the bottle, pressing down firmly. With care, apply steam from a boiling kettle at the time of rotating the bottle slowly, using a knife to keep the end of the capsule in position whilst steaming. You will find that the seal will quickly shrink smoothly around the bottle to give a professional finish.

    Colours may vary from those pictures.

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  2. Cap Grip (Shrink Cap Applicator)

    Cap Grip (Shrink Cap Applicator)

    A handy piece of equipment for applying shrink caps to your bottles safely and without burning your hands.

    To use, put the cap on the bottle and place the cap grip over the cap and grip the side firmly with one hand. Turn upside down and immerse in a pan of boiling water until the shrink cap has 'shrunk'.

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  3. Polypin (Bag in a Box) Vinotainer

    Polypin (Bag in a Box) Vinotainer

    A polypin makes an ideal wine box and can be used for storing any liquid.  As the liquid is dispensed via the tap, the internal 'bag' collapses, thus reducing the risk of infection as there is no airspace above the liquid.  Handy for settling beer in & bottling from, for taking to parties and picnics or for storing in the fridge.

    Comprises cardboard outer, robust plastic 'bag' and tap.

    Can be re-used many times.

    Please note that the style of bag, box and tap may vary.


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