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Whizz Stick/Wine Whip Degasser

Quick Overview

A simple & handy tool that fits to a drill for de-gassing wine at the end of fermentation. Wine clears quicker if all the dissolved gas has been removed and this handy tool makes it easier. Also fitted with a bung to keep the fermenter air-tight while degassing.

Suitable for for 1 gallon or 5 gallon fermenters. The degassing stick fits onto a drill, as the drill spins the degassing stick rotates to degas your wine. Much quicker than stirring by hand!

Two types available:

  • Stainless Steel Brewgas Whizz Stick - OUT OF STOCK

  • Rigid Plastic Wine Whip

The stainless steel whizz stick is approximately 40cm total length and approximately 34cm from the lower end to the bottom of the bung.

The plastic wine whip measures approximately 39cm total length and approximately 30cm from the lower end to the bottom of the bung.

Availability: In stock


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