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Still Spirits Heat Turbo Yeast (previously Heat Wave)

Quick Overview

The only Turbo to use when the air temperature is above 33ºC. Delivers excellent quality alcohol in hot conditions.

Heat will ferment 25 litres in 3-5 days up to 15% ABV. You wll finish with approximately 6 litres of 40% ABV spirit once the wash has been through your still. Heat Wave Turbo is also the only yeast we recommend for "stacking".

Up to a 200 litre volume can be fermented using 8 sachets (providing the start liquid temperature and air temperature are both 20°C (68°F)).

As with all Turbo Yeasts, Heat Wave further benefits from being used with Turbo Carbon.

Please note: This yeast is designed to be used with the Super Reflux Still and should not be used with the Air Still.

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